Cauliflower Cheese Bake

cauliflower cheese bake in pan

It’s pretty much universal: Kids, of any age, like macaroni and cheese. Comfort food, pure and simple. My childhood memories of mac and cheese run to the boxed fluorescent orange Kraft Dinner variety, which I loved at the time. Now my tastes run far, far away from packages of neon orange powdered cheese, and more… 

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Tarragon Pesto Food Processor

Tarragon Pesto

Pesto is a small treasure. At least that’s how I think of it. Isn’t it though? It’s a concentrated intensely flavorful sauce, similar to chimichurri, that lends itself to a variety of dishes. Tarragon pesto, like its more traditional sibling made with basil, can be spread on sandwiches, dobbed on top of soups, whisked into… 

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gingersnaps cheer brandy

Cheer for ginger cookies

Hip hip hooray! I’m talking cheer for ginger cookies. They once were hard as a rock, but now they’re soft again and kissed with Christmas cheer. Cheer as in brandy. Definitely worth cheering about, especially with the holidays right around the corner. Here’s what happened: I was making a wonderful ginger cookie recipe from Emily… 

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white bean chili

White Bean Chili with Prawns

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chili recipe that has prawns in it. Am I stretching the boundaries of chili a tad here? Maybe. But you’ll forgive me once you find that this recipe takes less than 30 minutes, yet delivers a full-on, soul-warming, healthy dinner. Just what you need after spending a few… 

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spaghetti squash spinach feta final

Spaghetti squash with spinach and feta

Confession time: Squash isn’t my favorite thing, no matter if it’s a summer or winter variety. (Have I said that already? Probably that last time I wrote a post about squash. Hmm…) But you know, I’m warming up to it. Especially now that the cooler weather has come to stay for a few months. And… 

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Triple Chocolate Brownies

It might surprise you that I don’t like a lot of dessert. Um, let me put that another way. I absolutely adore desserts and sweet treats, especially when chocolate is a main ingredient, but I’m satisfied with having only a bite or two. Ask me how big a slice of cake I’d like after dinner… 

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Spinach and Gruyere Scramble

At lunch and at dinner, I’m an adventurous eater. Give me the choice, and I’ll almost always pick whatever is on offer that I haven’t had before, or haven’t had recently. Not so at breakfast. I always want to eat exactly what I ate the day before, until suddenly I don’t. At that point, I… 

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