Apple Cheddar Arugula Salad

apple cheddar arugula salad final

I’ve been craving spa-like cuisine this week. We’re finally into spring, yes, but I think it has more to do with indulging a little too much lately with these little pieces of chocolate evil. I’m talking about Kirkland’s milk chocolate covered almonds, our preferred after-dinner nibble. Sometimes I think the only reason I pay my… 

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Mahi mahi tacos final

Mahi Mahi Tacos

Hello there, and welcome to our (mostly) redesigned site. It’s a refreshing, clean look that we love, plus it looks a lot better on mobile devices. A lot better. (I’m even starting to modify a little code, here and there, all the while praying I don’t blow up the whole site as I tinker away…. 

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chard white bean ragout close up

Chard and White Bean Ragout

Baby, it’s cold outside. 2014 has been a very cold winter, and I keep hearing we — the collective we in North America — can blame the polar vortex. That sounds nasty, doesn’t it? Like an evil force bent on world, or at least continental, domination. Not even Vancouverites can escape the polar vortex, although its… 

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chocolate truffles dark 'n stormy final

Chocolate Truffles for Your Valentine

Today is Valentine’s Day +1. But it’s not too late to make your valentine smile. It’s a simple equation: good quality chocolate + heavy cream (+ optional flavorings) = heavenly chocolate truffles. Yum. It’s true, a lot of chocolate and candy making is tricky. I’m quite happy to leave the tough stuff to the pros… 

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sauteed kale garlic lemon chili final

Easy Sautéed Kale with Garlic, Lemon and Chili

It’s been a little quiet on Ant & Anise lately. Kind of like a post-holiday rest, only it came at the end of January instead of the beginning. Did you miss us, just a little bit? Awww, thanks. With the holidays clearly over and done with, we’re back into regular routines, more or less. And… 

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gluten free granola 1 bowl 1

Gluten-Free Granola #1

Bob’s favorite breakfast these days is fresh fruit topped with Greek yogurt and granola. Reasonable, right? Only thing is, it’s a generous helping of all three, piled up high like a mountain. A mountain of fruit, I tease him. So we’ve been plowing through these breakfast staples pretty quickly. Being my dad’s daughter I’m, ahem,… 

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green beans asparagus parsley sauce tongs

Green Beans and Asparagus with Tangy Parsley Sauce

The holidays, for me, don’t officially end until we’ve eaten up the Christmas baking. We’re almost there: Just a few savory gruyere-pecan shortbread cookies, spiced with cayenne pepper, left to eat. Now that we’re back into regular schedules and reasons for celebrating the season are dwindling, I’m craving vegetables — especially green ones — more…. 

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